ICCMIT 2018

1. Special session organizers are appointed as Editors in the Special Issues of our collaborating three announced Journals and Books

2. For every 5 fully registered papers, the organizer is entitled to submit a sixth paper with discount of 50% from registration fees plus free hotel accommodation for THREE nights.

3. For every 10 fully registered papers, the organizer is entitled to submit an 11th paper without paying any registration fee plus free hotel accommodation for THREE nights.

4. Successful Special session organizers of ICCMIT2018 will be included as Members in the Steering Committee of ICCMIT2019

5. If their invited session has at least 6 papers, the author(s) of the best paper will be invited to publish it, with no additional cost, in one of the three announced journal the Journals where the best 25% of the papers presented at the conferences are published in a book. The paper might be extended or modified according to the feedback obtained from its conference's presentation.

6. Effective organizers will be co-editors of the proceedings' volume where the papers of their session were included and co-editors of the CD version of the proceedings.

7. The organizers will be included in the Associate Editors list to be published in the proceedings by  xxxxxx.

8. The organizers will chair their respective sessions and, hence, will be noted as Session Chairperson in the Program and in the conference proceedings.

9. The organizers will participate in the Program Committee of the current and the next conference of ICCMIT2019.

Effective organizers: those who have, in their respective sessions, at least five (5) authors who have submitted their five respective registration fees, before or on February 28, 2018. No exceptions will be done after this date. In such a case, the sixth registration fee will be waived if it belongs to the invited session organizer.